After living in Sydney (Australia) for 5 years (I’m originally from Canberra), I threw it all in and moved to the little-known city of Fukuoka, Japan.   Online I’m an administrator for Head-fi.org, the world’s largest community dedicated to headphone-related hi-fi. Previous to that, I was an administrator for MacTalk Australia. I’ve been an Apple computer user since my primary school installed Apple IIs back in the 1980s and have worked in companies from small Apple resellers to billion dollar retailers, as well as for myself. Presently I’m an Assistant Language Teacher in an elementary school as well as practicing Aikido most days. I tend to look at things in a multi-dimensional way rather than view them as black or white as most people tend to.

S.A. Barnett is my father. I highly recommend his book, linked in the sidebar, if you have an interest in science.